What is the placement audition at NEMC?

Trumpet AuditionsThis is the time of year we begin to field lots of questions about the first day of camp placement auditions.

Why do I have to audition?

If you are attending NEMC you have already proven that you are a good fit for our program. We hold short auditions at the beginning of each camp session in order to place campers in the appropriate performance groups based on experience and playing level. This also allows us to program appropriate repertoire that will provide an enjoyable yet challenging experience for each camper.

What should I play, and who will I be playing for?

You will audition for the faculty members in your instrumental area. We recommend you choose a piece of music that best showcases your playing ability. You may be asked to play a scale or two and will be asked to sightread a few musical excerpts. Try not to be nervous – this audition is simply meant to make sure campers are placed in the appropriate performing groups.

What if I have a “bad day”?

We all have “bad days” or fall victim to nerves at one time or another. If this happens to you, your teacher will discover it very quickly and appropriate adjustments will be made.

If I’m a full season camper do I have to audition again second session?

Camper performance levels change from session to session; therefore, it is necessary to audition each camper at the beginning of each session. Seating and/or group assignments will change accordingly. This is a great opportunity to practice your audition skills and showcase the progress you made during the first session!