NEMC Camper Leave Policy: What it all Means!

NEMC’s unique program allows for a more flexible leave policy than most traditional camp programs. In order to ensure that your child is able to fully participate in the NEMC program, it is very important that the Permission to Leave form is filled out correctly.  The following examples will help you understand the different opportunities your child will have to leave the NEMC grounds and help you determine how to complete your individual form.  It is not possible for us to contact a parent each time an exception is requested so please take time to consider each of the following circumstances.


  1. NEMC supervised trips: Every camper is required to have permission to leave camp for regularly scheduled events indicated on the camp calendar. This includes our monthly trip to the beach at Reid State Park.


  1. Members of immediate family: If you anticipate that any member of the immediate family will visit and want to take your camper out during designated times, please check this box.


  1. Parents of other campers: Quite often, campers request to take some of their friends out for a meal when their parents are visiting. This is especially important to check if you do not plan to attend Parent’s Weekend, so your child will have the opportunity to leave camp during the extended Saturday afternoon period.


  1. Camp faculty: Sometimes, members of our faculty will graciously offer to take students in their studios off camp for a treat! They will travel in the faculty member’s private vehicle.


  1. Attend Sunday religious services: We regularly transport campers to Sunday morning Catholic Church services, if requested. Additionally, we can provide transportation to Mormon weekly Sunday meetings.


  1. Other persons/restrictions: Please use this section to indicate specific persons or extended family members who may request to take your child off camp when they visit. Anyone not included in any of the sections above should be indicated in this section. Additionally, if there are specific people to whom you do NOT want to grant permission, please indicate here. 


Without appropriate written permission, we cannot allow your child to leave camp under any circumstances. Again, it is not possible for us to contact a parent each time an exception is requested, so please take the time to complete this form thoughtfully. Also, please be sure to share this form with your child, so they know with whom they can and cannot leave camp; this will help us all avoid the disappointment when permission to leave cannot be granted. Thank you in advance for carefully filling out this form!