Music Camp Scholarships: Impacting Young Lives

Have you ever wondered what happens to the money you place in those little round baskets we pass during the scholarship speeches at Bowl in the Pines concerts on Sunday afternoons at NEMC? A dollar goes a long way and every penny counts! You make a difference and Lucas Callahan is proof of this! Read the transcript of Lucas’ speech from a 2013 weekend concert. Lucas was a councilor in 2015 and hopes to return again and again! 


Good afternoon, my name is Lucas Callahan and this is my fifth year and 8th session at New England Music Camp. I have been a scholarship student at this camp for 7 sessions and I owe so much to the generous people who gave to the scholarship fun and those who made it possible for me to be at this wonderful place. I thank these people with all of my heart. Being a camper at NEMC has shaped me into the person I am today. Without this camp I wouldn’t possess anywhere near the skill that I have now. The scholarship fund helps deserving young musicians come to this magical place where they have the opportunity to work with a fantastic staff, learn amazing and challenging pieces of music, and shape themselves to be young adults.

I said this place was magical and I firmly believe this is true. I attended NEMC for 8 sessions and it was not because of all of the good times spent at the “Y” or getting annihilated by the faculty and counselors in the camper/faculty softball game. I come because of the sunsets on Burns’ dock, flag every morning, the DJ Dance, grilled cheese days, the wonderful people I meet, getting a ride from Maestro on his golf cart, the amazing seafood bisque, veggie lasagna, and delectable beef at banquet, and of course the fantastic faculty and counselors who make it all possible.

I was fortunate enough to be able to experience all of this fully and I have learned so much about music and myself as a musician. There is a saying that I always heard from my voice teacher Michael McCarthy; “It’s just eleven short months before I see you again”, he would say as I hugged him goodbye and the first time I heard that I thought he was crazy! Eleven months is a really long time, practically a year, and it seems even longer in the last 72 hours before camp, where ever second feels like an eternity and the anticipation and excitement is so high you can’t sleep. NEMC is a home away from home where people make friendships that last for a lifetime. I know I will send my children and grandchildren and maybe even my great-grandchildren to this marvelous camp.

NEMC is a family and I ask that you give all you can so that another person who might not be able to come here otherwise can have the opportunity to experience the magic of NEMC. Thank you.