Camper Cabin Assignments: Why we do what we do!

Cabin placement is something that almost every camper thinks about before coming to NEMC and it is one of the policies we are asked about most frequently. NEMC campers are assigned to their living cabins by chronological age. There are 2 primary reasons for this decision:

  1. As camp professionals, we know from research that specific developmental needs for campers are determined by their chronological age. Our program is designed very methodically in order to provide a high quality music education while still addressing the developmental needs and growth of each individual camper. The living areas are the only aspect of our program where campers are separated by age. Our counselors go through extensive training and are placed in cabins specific to their skills and ability to meet the specific needs of each individual camper.
  2.  Cabin placement by age is the only truly fair way for us to determine cabin placement. We are committed to making sure that new campers as well as those returning have equal access to the appropriate cabin. The reality is that there will always have to be a youngest and oldest camper in every cabin!


Our camp roster and cabin assignments are not finalized until several days prior to the beginning of each camp session; therefore, we are unable to announce cabin placement until you arrive at camp.

There are several ways you can help your child adjust to camp life and feel comfortable with their cabin placement at NEMC. First, by sharing the above information with them and helping them to understand the rationale behind why we do what we do. Second, please do not ask for exceptions to this policy. Our experience shows that when a parent supports our policies it is much easier for the camper to accept and adapt.  We are committed to providing a safe, warm, and developmentally appropriate camp experience for each camper and our cabin assignment policy has proven to be the best way to ensure this.

Our cabin policy is one that has not changed over our 78 years and every year we watch NEMC campers make lasting friendships with like-minded kids from all over the country-and the world!