Scholarship and Financial Aid at New England Music Camp 

Financial aid is based on the financial situation of the child’s family, and any extenuating circumstances (extraordinary events, and continuing hardships) with consistent guidelines that apply to all applicants.  Instrumental and Geographic scholarships supplement the general financial aid awards where needed, and have the same financial information requirements.  Instrumental Scholarships are used to assure balanced instrumentation in each of the performing groups. These awards will vary depending on the needs of the camp.

The information below identifies our available aid, the people they honor, and specific information about each award.

Need-Based Financial Aid

Paul and Nina Wiggin Financial Aid – Paul Wiggin, a conductor, and his wife, Nina, dreamed of founding a place where teenagers could go during the summer to increase their musical, recreational and social skills.  They borrowed the money to purchase the property formerly known as Eastern Music Camp.  In 1937 New England Music Camp enjoyed its first 8 week session under their direction.  Paul Wiggin and Nina served as the Directors of NEMC until 1969.

The second part of their vision was to provide scholarship help for any deserving student who loved music, but needed financial assistance.  Thus, the first financial aid fund was established.  The money collected for this General Aid program has been donated over many years at our weekly summer concerts, from estate and other gifts and from various fund-raising activities. There have also been many donations to this fund in memory of specific individuals which enable more children to experience NEMC.

All campers may apply for financial aid. The form must be filled out and accompanied by the complete financial information requested before applicants can be considered.  Awards are made based on taxable income and the presence of any unusual or extraordinary circumstances. The amount of aid funds available may vary from year to year.  Please recognize that this aid is to help children participate in this unique opportunity, and is not meant to subsidize other activities that the student may be involved.

Davis E. Wiggin Scholarship – Davis Wiggin assumed the position of Director of NEMC in 1972.  He also served as the President of the Corporation through 2011.  Davis provided great leadership for over 40 years.  He made enormous improvements to NEMC; however he steadfastly adhered to the original traditions and mission of the camp.  Davis’s family, his wife Jeanette, and children John and Lori have established this scholarship in his memory.

Consistent with Davis’s values of balance in life and working toward goals, financial help will be given to applicants who have demonstrated they meet the qualifications for general financial aid, that they are hard working, and show caring towards other people.  Applicants should submit the complete financial aid form, statements of their community activities and descriptions of work if they have earned money to help finance their camp experience.  The requested documentation will be reviewed by the Wiggin family and awards will be granted to a selected number of campers that demonstrate attributes closest to Davis’s values.

Scott A. Wiggin Diversity Scholarship – This fund was established by Davis and Jeanette Wiggin in memory of their son, Scott.  Scott had a great love of the camp and the naturally beautiful setting of the Belgrade Lakes.  Many contributors have voiced a desire to help campers from urban areas experience the unique opportunities at NEMC, though eligibility is not limited to urban setting. The focus of this scholarship is to assure that NEMC remains diverse both culturally and economically.

Work Aid – Campers who receive work aid and any other financial aid will wait on tables, assist with stage crew, or other jobs as assigned. ANY camper aged 14 or older may apply for a work scholarship regardless of family income. No financial information is required on the form.  All applicants must apply BEFORE camp. Awards are based on a first-come, first-served basis. We have a limited number of students to whom we can offer this opportunity.

Sibling Discount – A discount is offered to help parents defray the cost of sending more than one child to NEMC. This discount is not available with early registration incentives, or on the first child. No financial information is required on the form.  Please make sure you tell us at the time of registration if you have siblings attending camp and believe you are entitled to this discount.

Musicians Discount – A discount is available to children of music educators teaching in public or private schools. No financial information is required on the form, but we do need the form to document eligibility.

Instrument Specific Scholarships

Instrument specific scholarships are awarded based on the financial needs of the camper, as well as the needs of NEMC to provide instrumental balance for the various performing groups.  Applicants for these scholarships should submit the complete financial aid application, and must major in the instrument of the scholarship while at NEMC

Harold Brown Scholarship (piano) – Harold Brown and his wife Isabel were involved with the camp for over 40 years.  Dr. Brown served on the faculty several years before assuming the role of Music Director. He was on the Board of Advisors and on the Board of Directors. His contributions to the camp are significant including writing the history book of the first 50 years of NEMC.  This scholarship fund was established in memory of the Brown’s shared love of music and their many contributions to NEMC over their lifetime.

Cameron Bruce Scholarship (trumpet) – Cameron and his sister Margot attended New England Music Camp for many years. Cameron was loved and highly respected by campers, faculty and staff. He often spoke fondly about the time he spent at NEMC.  Cameron’s family established this scholarship in his memory and to recognize the importance of NEMC in his life. This scholarship is awarded to campers studying trumpet.

DeGarmo Scholarship (oboe or bassoon) – Jerry DeGarmo was taken from his family, tragically, at a young age. His son, Noah, attended NEMC. Music continues to play a large part in his adult life. The family established this scholarship to honor Jerry’s memory and the importance of music in his family’s life.

Eidam Family Scholarship – (brass or percussion) – Porter was a beloved member of the NEMC faculty for over 30 years. He was a long-time member of the Board of Advisors and an Assistant Director. Porter was instrumental in establishing our summer POPS concerts. Porter’s wife, Cathy, was equally dedicated to the mission of NEMC. Their son, Porter Jr., established this scholarship in their memory to honor the importance of NEMC in their lives.

Frances Komar Lewis Scholarship (string instruments) – Longtime faculty member Frances Komar Lewis was a violin teacher for many years at New England Music Camp. She and her husband Bill were dedicated supporters of our programs, and Bill established this scholarship fund in her memory. Bill made several generous donations over his lifetime that have supported a significant number of campers over the last 15 years.

Phillip Mason Scholarship (clarinet or flute) – Phil Mason, wife Peggy and daughter Kristen have been an integral part of the NEMC community for many years. The support of the Mason family has included numerous activities. The Mason Scholarship was established by his wife Peggy and his daughters, Kristen, Amy and Sarah in Phillip’s memory.

James Stoltie Scholarship (saxophone) – James Stoltie and his wife, Mary, served New Music Camp for 40 years. In addition to his many years on the faculty-teaching saxophone, Dr. Stoltie, (Dean Emeritus, Crane School of Music) held the position of Director of Music for many years. A long-time member Board of Advisors, this scholarship was established in recognition for his passion of teaching saxophone, and dedication to the NEMC family.

Merit-Base Scholarship

The Jerry and Irene Green Scholarship – This fund was established to honor the work and dedication of Jerry and Irene Green, and their many years of service to NEMC. The Green scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for a young instrumentalist showing great promise. The recipient is determined annually by a selection committee from the Board of Advisors and is awarded based on an audition video.

The Jerry and Irene Green Scholarship is a single-session, full-tuition, scholarship awarded by the NEMC Board of Advisors to recognize and honor the Greens. Jerry Green played a major role, not only in founding the venue for the POPS Concerts, but also in insuring the continued success as a viable cultural experience for the Central Maine Community.

Scholarship may be awarded in different instrumental fields in different years. The instruments eligible each year, and the application for this scholarship are made available each January, and submission must be complete before March 15th.

Independent judges chosen by the NEMC Board of Advisors will select the winner of the Scholarship based upon merit and/or upon the instrumentation requirements of the Camp in any given session. The scholarship can be awarded for either the first session or the second session, based upon the student’s and/or the Camp’s schedule.

Leon and Linda Gregorian Scholarship – Established by Leon and Linda Gregorian, this merit-based scholarship is intended to attract talented new violin and viola students to New England Music Camp.  Eligible applicants are new violin or viola students at NEMC. Recipients may apply for additional need-based financial aid. The recipient is determined annually by a selection committee from the NEMC string area and is awarded based on an audition video.

Damon Holton Classical Guitar Scholarship – This full season, full tuition scholarship was established by Noam Dworman to honor the profound influence that Damon Holton and the New England Music Camp had on his life – in musical performance, aesthetic appreciation, and the building of character.  Selection is based on a combination of merit and economic need.  Applicants may be new or returning campers.

Bill and Dorothy Schmearer Scholarship for Jazz Studies – This single session full tuition scholarship was established by the son of Bill and Dorothy Schmearer to honor their many years of dedication to New England Music Camp. Selection is based on a combination of merit and economic need. Eligible instruments are: Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Piano, Bass, and Drum Set.  Applicant must be age 15 or older before the first day of the first session and be a new camper at NEMC.

Scholarship Contribution Opportunities

New England Music Camp welcomes any and all contributions to help keep our dream alive, enabling all children to experience a special musical, magical experience.  The existing scholarships are not closed funds, and we encourage contributions to any of these in honor of loved ones.  We will acknowledge your contributions to the family of the person you are honoring.

If you wish to establish a new on-going named scholarship fund, we ask that you provide the following information:

  1. Name as you would like it to appear on our scholarship information
  2. Unique requirements for applicants (how should recipients be determined).
  3. Contact information of person that should receive notification of donations

Information should be addressed to:

Scholarship Donations
8 Goldenrod Lane
Sidney, ME 04330

When the total amount donated reaches a total of $20,000, within 3 years, we will offer this as a separate scholarship fund.

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